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What is a Tantric Yoni Massage?

The Tantric Yoni Massage is a holistic, sensual massage that touches the entire body including the genital area aka the Yoni. The word Yoni comes from the Indian Sanskrit and is a sacred symbol of the female sex, vulva, vagina, uterus, ovaries together. Further meanings are source, origin and nest. A Yoni massage has great healing potential for female sexuality. The body is sensitized and nurtured.

Letting go, surrendering completely into the here and now and coming into deep contact with yourself, the Tantric Yoni Massage offers a beautiful and healing space. It is a meditative journey into the depths of being and exploring who we are.

Why would I book this session?

”I want to learn to surrender!”
“I’m bored from unfullfilling sex, I’d like to experience something different.”
“I‘m curious to explore my own sexuality”
”I seek to feel more pleasure in my body and my yoni”

“I’m on my healing journey after some traumatic sexual experiences”
“I long to feel save when I go into arrousal.”
”I miss sensuality in my life.”

“I want to spoil myself.”

How does a Session look like?

In the beginning we talk. In a preliminary talk about your intentions and feelings, we get to know each other before we show each other in all our beauty and depth. Then the massage begins with warm almond oil. All touch is one-directional from my side.

Very slow, unintentional touch give the body the sensing that this is a space of trust and free of performance pressure.

Being seen as a holistic sexual being and being touched in a giving attitude is beautiful and deeply nourishing. In the massage sexual energy is allowed to flow freely without any goals. The idea is not to orgasm, but to circulate vital energy throughout the whole body. This can bring up a range of different emotions and all feelings are invited to show and express themselves. Joy, pleasure, sadness, anger, nervousness. Through accepting all of these during this journey healing happens as we become whole.

Tantra is when raw emotions are transformed with love and consciousness into wisdom.

At the end of the massage you have time to rest and integrate and then we meet again for a talk if you desire so.

Every encounter and every session is unique. The massage can be very quiet and gentle, playful, but also intense, sensual and arousing. Our bodies speak and share what they desire and need.


2,0h   180 €
2,5h   225 €
3,0h   270 €

Prices and times refer to the total stay.
In addition to the massage time, approx. 30 minutes for preliminary talk, showers and integration time are included.

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