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What is a Yoni Mapping?

In this session, you create your own map of your genitals. You discover your own Yoniverse.

The aim is a conscious body perception of your inner space, your temple. Familiar and new pleasure-stimulating areas can be sensed and located. You will be made aware of areas that may not yet feel entirely alive or belonging to you, areas that you perceive as numb or painful.

Exploring these areas awakens them and brings them to life. Mental blockages manifest in our cells through numbness and pain. The detection and release of these blockages can lead to deep healing processes and reconnection with one’s own female genitals as a center of power and pleasure.

Why would I book this session?

“I’m curious to explore my G-Spot”

“I want to make friends with my yoni”
”I want to feel more in my pussy and during sex”
“I want to learn to say no and communicate my desires.”
“I’m on my healing journey after traumatic sexual experiences”
”I seek to feel more pleasure in my body and my yoni”
”I’d like to learn about female ejaculation”
”I want to meet my cervix”

How does a Yoni Mapping work?

In the beginning we talk. About what you are bringing with you, your intentions, wishes, feelings. Then we start with the body work. Our body’s sensitivity to touch changes fantastically with conscious practice and becomes more and more subtle over time. With slow and different qualities of touch, as well as acupressure through me, you will explore your Yoniverse, after your whole body has been awakened through a massage and blockages especially in the belly have been released through Chi Nei Tsang practices. During the whole session we will remain in contact by talking to each other, so that the feelings are localized and integrated on the level of understanding.

You will learn to find a clear language for your needs and desires and also to express yourself when it comes to your sexual experience. Together we seek and find your boundaries and vitality.

The method of mapping comes from the field of bodywork / somatic learning and was further developed in Sexological Bodywork for the genital area. Somatic learning is a continuous awareness practice with one’s own body. We become aware of and change behaviour patterns that do us no good. Everything we experience in our own body becomes a body truth, which nobody else can dissuade us from. When we know our body and know what we need, our self-esteem and self-confidence improves automatically, also when we are in contact with another person. Our own boundaries can only be felt and communicated when we are in contact with ourselves, when we are at home in our body.

How many sessions are good for me?

One or several. Depending on one’s intention and learning process. One session might not give a quick fix, instead change happens over time and with commitment. I offer package prizes for coaching & bodywork, please get in touch.


2,0h   160 €

3,0h   240 €

Prices and times refer to the total stay.
In addition to the bodywork, time for preliminary talks, showers and integration time is included.

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*Package 3,0h  230€  (save 10€)

1 x 1,0h Coaching & 1 x 2,0h Sexological Bodywork / Yoni Mapping / Yoni Massage

*Package 5,0h   380€ (save 20€)

2 x 1,0h Coaching & 1 x 3,0h Sexological Bodywork / Yoni Mapping / Yoni Massage

*Package 8,0h   590€ (save 50€)

2 x 1,0h Coaching & 2 x 3,0h Sexological Bodywork / Yoni Mapping / Yoni Massage

Package combinations are examples and can be customized. Ideally we meet every 2 - 3 weeks. Packages are valid for 12 months.

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