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During my Chi Nei Tsang massage with Antje, I felt completely safe and entrusted myself to her gentle, yet effective touch. The rest of the day I felt truly peaceful. For 3 days after the treatment I experienced a detoxification process that included physical and emotional releases. I feel balanced and in balance. I can highly recommend her work!

Jaina Hirai, Hirai Healing, Massage Therapist

Antje has a very warm and calming presence, which allowed me to feel welcomed and safe in all of our sessions. She holds the safe space very well, creating an environment in which I could share comfortably. She is very professional, and clearly has a lot of knowledge on the yoni. We had two coachings and a yoni mapping in which I felt very comfortable - can highly recommend.

Josephine M.

I can highly recommend a Chi Nei Tsang session from Antje. Not only has she the most nurturing touch but she was able to hold space in such a beautiful way for me to melt fully into my body. She is highly sensitive and I was left feeling deeply relaxed, rejuvenated and nurtured after this transformative session.

Valerie Parisius, Tao Valley, Chi Nei Tsang Teacher

The Chi Nei Tsang Massage with Antje was an amazing moment of peace and relaxation. She has the ability to guide you through breathing and relaxation so you can benefit from her healing touch. I could feel the energy moving though my body. I slowly emerged back from the massage so happy and free from any tension but a sense of space in my belly that was new. She has a beautiful healing gift and caring hands! I totally recommend to try her massage. 

Benedikte Donet, Yoga Teacher

When i met Antje she felt very present and calm. I felt very warm and safe with her during the session, enjoying her gentle and deep touch. I found her to be extremely sensitive and with a great knowledge about the yoni. She spent a slow pace to relax my whole body and provided such a loving and delicious yoni massage. 

Erin Christine Bell, Movement Teacher

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